Can Chinchillas Live Alone?

By | August 22, 2019

Can Chinchillas Live Alone?

The chinchilla is a fluffier, hairy and cuter than other species. If you have one of this medium sized chinchilla, then you can have a great time with it. Normally, the chinchillas have a gigantic 60 hairs for each follicle, so this obviously clarifies their feathery and soft nature. If you have tolerance to coolly present your chinchilla to your touch, the rodent will fond to embrace you back. Since, the chinchillas love the social communications, once they are well praised to the human touch. You might begin to surprise, if your chin friend is lonely, when you are not at home.

Find the best chinchilla playpens for exercise and playtime

Exercise during playtime is one of the most essential things in the chinchilla’s day. Actually, the chinchillas should be offered with the exercise time daily for their happiness and health. However, this is mandatory for the proper chinchilla care. It is particularly more essential to give the exercise time exterior of their cage, if your chinchilla has a trivial cage. One of the greatest ways to offer this exercise is to have a dedicated space in your house, which is chin proof, where your chinchilla can jump, run and also play with toys. However, one of the simplest ways to make this space is with the chinchilla playpens.

So, you need to have the best playpen for chinchilla that gives a good place to keep your pet, while you are cleaning their cage, particularly during the monthly yawning clean. If you have sufficient space to obtain a pen big adequate for you to sit in, the exercise time becomes a bonding time with your pet chinchilla.

Can Chinchillas Live Alone?


When you are purchasing for the exercise pen for your pet chinchilla, you will need to keep a huge element in your mind. Initially, you must search for something made out of wire or metal, so your chinchilla will not be able to chew via it. Now, many of the playpens meant for dogs that work accurately as chinchilla exercise pens. You should also ensure that the height of a pen wall is minimum 2 feet, i.e. 24 inches. Moreover, the size of this pen itself will be fully based on the ample of space that you have to work with. To be noted that, the chinchillas must always be monitored during the exercise or playtime outside of their cage; because they can be frequently small escape rodents and you need them to stay in their exercise area away from the dangers such as appliances and wires.

Do chinchillas play together?

Can Chinchillas Live Alone?

If you are blessed, your chinchillas will be pleasure to meet and play together. There are some beautiful telltale signs in which your pets are obtaining along well. You might also view your chinchillas flapping their tails. This is right, chinchillas flap their tails in delight as like your doggy.

Also, there are complete ranges of noises that you are likely to listen as well and they are unique from the hasty, loud and violent barking sound that the chinchillas can make, when they fight. You have to be prepared to hear the various tones and durations, when the chins are communicating with each other. When the animals get to know one another, they will immediately chase each other, jump together and also play with the toys, which are offered to them. As per the research showed on the chinchillas kept in custody, they do not invest more time in playing. Furthermore, this kind of animal is investing more time in resting, feeding and displaying the comfort-seeking behavior. If your chinchillas play a little bit and appear to ignore one another, this is fully normal.

Bonding of chinchillas

Can Chinchillas Live Alone?

If you are really blessed, then your pet chinchillas will be bonding with one another. Of course, these chinchillas will be much more social with one another. They might rest and sit side by side and also you may see the animals stirring as well as slumbering with their eyes fully closed or partially. If you do not look your chinchillas bonding, you must not be too concerned. If you do not look any close social communications, then it might not be in the passes for your animals.

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